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Anti-CAA stir getting political hue: Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma



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GUWAHATI: State Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said that the anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) agitation is slowly getting a political hue that may lead to a new political formation in the State and if that happens, the BJP will have to take it as a political challenge.

Talking to the media here on Friday, Sarma said, “Cases have been filed in the Supreme Court of India regarding the CAA. Now it is the apex court to say who’re wrong and who aren’t. The court is there to deliver justice for or against the Act. However, taking the CAA for a ride, there are many who have their eyes set on their political aspirations. Many of those leading the agitation expressed the need of an alternative front in the State. How come a new political party be formed on a single agenda – the CAA? It augurs well for such groups to make their stance on other burning issues of the State like the NRC (National Register of Citizens) etc clear before floating an alternative political party.”

Sarma further said, “The people of the State have been keeping a close watch on the agitation against the CAA. The 2021 Assembly election in the State will make it clear as to who the people support.”

On artistes and litterateurs leading the anti-CAA agitation, Sarma said, “Many people are making comments on the CAA. I appeal to all of them to sit across the table with the government on the Act so as to erase misunderstandings among us. An impression is being given that the CAA is disastrous for Assam even as the Act has nothing of that sort. I’ve nothing to say artistes and litterateurs taking to the streets against the CAA. However, I do feel that it will be better for the society if artistes and writers concentrate more on their respective areas of interests.”

On CAA protesters showing black flags to political leaders like the Chief Minister, Sarma questioned its justification. “The protesters need to know where a political leader is heading for. Will it be justified to greet a political leader with black flags when he’s going to a temple or expressing sympathy to some bereaved family members, instead of going for a political purpose?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, BJP national working president JP Nadda is going to address the State BJP’s booth committee presidents’ conference here in Guwahati on Saturday when 70,000-90,000 people are to congregate. Apart from booth committee presidents of the party, all MPs, MLAs and others are set to attend the conference where the party’s working president will spell out the party’s schedule for the New Year, Sarma said.

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