Dispur big spenders splurging on public money

Government departments buying goods at rates 280% more than MRPs!


GUWAHATI, Oct 18: Be it bicycle or eraser, government supply has become synonymous with looting the people. Even when it is pointed out by the CAG or the court, it makes no difference to the powers-be in Dispur. A section of babus continue to splurge on public money to line their pockets in cahoots with suppliers.

Examples of government departments purchasing goods at much higher rates than market rates are aplenty. A few days back, the Gauhati High Court issued a notice to the government for purchasing bicycles at rates much higher than market rates.

In a recent report, the CAG has brought to the notice of the State government that the Directorate of Madrassa Education purchased exercise books at rates much higher than market rates. Plain exercise books for students were purchased at Rs 90 apiece against the maximum retail price (MRP) of Rs 38, that is, 137 per cent higher than the MRP. The department purchased ruled exercise books at the rate of Rs 95 apiece against the MRP of Rs 25, which is 280 per cent higher than the MRP.

Prior to this, the Social Welfare Department was caught on the wrong foot for purchasing eraser and wood pencil at rates much higher than their MRPs.

To make some profit, a supplier may supply goods to government departments at rates a bit higher than the MRPs. But how come the rates of goods purchased three or four-fold more than their MRPs? 

A supplier said, "If we don't get the amount which we spend right from filing tender to bill payment, how can we supply goods to government departments?"

What is sickening is that a section of officials are hell-bent in pocketing government funds in schemes meant for the benefit of poor students, and BPL people in general. 

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