Flawed OIL posting policy hurting efficiency

With lower level workers clinging on to posts for years, vested interests ruling the roost

By Our Staff Reporter

Guwahati, July 3: There seems to be serious flaws in the transfer and posting policy of the Duliajan-headquartered Oil India Limited (OIL), leading to monopoly of a set of workers and laxity in discharge of duties.

Insiders say the flawed transfer and posting policy has affected efficiency of workers and productivity of the company, resulting in a worrisome workplace environment.

"There are 42 departments in the company. In majority of the departments, workers and staff are holding on to the same post for years together. You will find employees serving in the same post for 15 to 20 years," sources said.

However, senior officers, who serve the company on deputation, stay for a brief period of three to five years. "Though they are so-called senior executives, the actual work is maged by their subordites who have been warming their chairs for years on end, giving them control of the state of affairs,"  sources added.

In a number of departments, people who were recruited as workmen are performing administrative work beyond the purview of their official responsibilities .

"We have many people who joined the Public Relations department as workmen, but are now discharging duties as administrative officers. They get familiarized with the work and functions of the staff in their departments as they serve in the same place for prolonged periods," sources pointed out.

While it is alleged that some workers are holding on to the same posts due to their close proximity with the power echelons, this trend has led to an entrenched monopoly among a section of staff, exercising unwarranted influence in their respective departments. This section of staff is ruling the roost with their prolonged stay in the same posts. Several malpractices have resulted from this unhealthy trend.

In government jobs too, there is not much inter-departmental transfers when it comes to third and fourth grade employees, but they are shuffled around occasiolly by changing their tables, to beat complacency and monopoly.

OIL insiders said that the magement can transfer employees as and when it wishes. "But some employees have successfully maged the higher-ups and clung on to their posts. Perhaps the magement has failed to realize the baneful effect this flawed transfer and posting policy has had upon the functioning of the company," the insiders felt.

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