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food for thought

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  29 Aug 2015 12:00 AM GMT

Trying to look good and young has always been a basic human trait. In fact, taking care of one’s physical appearance is considered a sign of positive self image. How can we do good and make others happy if we don’t feel good about ourselves? This is the thought behind the aphorism: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Remaining fit and strong, maintaining bodily hygiene, wearing clean and stylish clothes that project our persolities well — are all considered necessary to live and go about our daily work with enthusiasm. However, some people go further in these efforts and turn rcissistic. They opt for cosmetic surgeries to rectify all sorts of real and imagined blemishes on their faces and bodies. This may be done by some who lead very social and public lives, particularly those who have to appear on screen whether large or small. Any such physical defect appears prominently on film or television, which is the reason why these are sought to urgently removed! But nowadays in a world getting increasingly networked, more and more people are on social media. They put up profile photos, post ‘selfies’ and upload persol videos, which their relatives, friends and acquaintances spread all over the world, can admire at leisure. The more ‘likes’ they get, the better they feel. The desire to post that ‘perfect picture’ is becoming such an obsession that many are going for cosmetic surgery. Men as well as women are forking out money in lakhs to go under the surgeon’s knife — so that they get that photogenic face and physique. Cosmetic surgeons in the country have remarked on this trend multiplying several–fold lately. A consumerist society may put a premium on a smooth, unlined face. But every line and wrinkle tells a story, reveals a facet of character if we take the trouble to read a face closely. Living more and more in a virtual world and hankering for its ‘likes’, we may lose our ability to feel good and comfortable in the real world, and appreciating others as they really are.

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