Indo-Bangla border most porous

Home Ministry figures understate infiltration problem as many cross over


GUWAHATI, May 14: The porous Indo-Bangladesh border has recorded the maximum number of cases of infiltrations among the six intertiol borders that India shares with neighbourinhg countries.

Union Home Ministry records said there have been 1,018  cases of infiltration along the Indo-Bangladesh border in 2014. The previous year, the number of infiltrations was 1,161. In 2012, the total number of recorded infiltration cases was cases 707.

However, the incidences of infiltration along the other intertiol borders are comparatively much less.

In the Indo-Pakistan border, the number of cases of infiltration was 332 (2012), 345 (2013) and 268 (2014).

The number of cases in Indo-Myanmar border were 219 (2012), 180 (2013) and 174 (2014).

On the Indo-Chi border, the number of infiltration attempts were 2 (2012), 2 (2013) and 1 (2014).

There have been 13 cases of infiltration along the Indo-Bhutan border last year.

Official sources however admitted that the figures are an underestimate of the actual ground situation. “These are the number of cases detected. Several cases of infiltration go undetected and hence are not recorded,” they admitted.

The Home Ministry also states that there is no encroachment of border areas by the neighbouring countries along the Indo-Bangladesh, Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bhutan borders — though in the case of Indo-Bangladesh border, there have been pockets along the border that have traditiolly been under the possession of the people of one country in the territory of another.

“As regards the Indo-Chi Border, there is no commonly delineated Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the border areas between India and Chi. From time to time, on account of differences in the perception of the LAC, situations have arisen on the ground that could have been avoided had there been a common perception of the LAC,” the MHA said.

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