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Information How To Beat Prowling Social Media Cheats

Information How To Beat Prowling Social Media Cheats

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  11 March 2019 1:40 AM GMT


Social networking is essentially a gift from social media, these days. However, you don’t need to be overwhelming to avail yourself of every facility you get from this media. Keep in mind that the social media is a kind of alternative media which, unlike the mainstream media (print media, electronic media and cinema), hardly have any gatekeepers. All mainstream media, on the other hand, have a whole lot of gatekeepers – reporters, subeditors, news editors, editors, chief editors and the like – only to filter contents through censoring, editing or moderating, besides subbing so as to ensure that the contents are suitable for audience’s (readers’ or viewers’) consumption. Readability, reliability, authenticity and accountability are some of the virtues that make mainstream media suitable for audience’s consumption, regardless of their age and sex. The social media doesn’t have such censoring or editing and there lies the risk. Making your children exposed to unfiltered, uncensored and amateurish contents is certainly not healthy for their upbringing and wellbeing.

While availing the virtues of the social media, you need to be selectively choosy. You need to be cautious, besides avoiding some blunders that may spell doom for you and your children.

Posting personal information in the social media is a blunder. It may serve the purpose of information-starved hackers who’re on the prowl to inflict you heavy casualty in the form of cash, reputation, security etc. Be selectively choosy while sharing and liking posts, and making comments on them. Never share your information like bank account details with anyone in the social media. Be choosy while accepting friend requests. You need to be aware of a would-be friend’s credentials, or else you are supposed to invite troubles. They say a man is known by his companions. Your friend circle in the social media disseminates much of your information to ‘information seekers’ for right or wrong reasons. Nowadays employers (companies) engaging human resources are cyber-savvy. They’re in the habit of inquiring into job aspirants’ credentials and behavioural aspects in the social media. Any mistaken mischief on your part in the social media may cost you dearly. Be cautious while clicking links in the social media. Any casual attitude in liking or sharing posts in the social media may even trap you in sedition cases. Not to let miscreants hack it, you need to strengthen your password, interweaving it with numerals. Lack of professional skill with the internet may also land you in troubled waters.

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