Parties busy with post-poll math


GUWAHATI, April 19: With the high stakes assembly elections over and fresh from Rongali Bihu celebrations, all political parties in the State are now busy calculating the probable number of seats they will get. From the ruling Congress to the BJP-AGP-BPF combine, there is intense speculation within party forums as well as public posturing.

APCC president Anjan Dutta has already claimed that the Congress is set to emerge as the single largest party with absolute majority and thereby form the government for the fourth consecutive term. Not to be left behind, opposition parties too are joining in this game of one-upmanship, each claiming to be well-positioned to form the next government.

AGP president Atul Bora on Tuesday said, “AGP will get at least 15 seats. BJP gave us 24 seats and in some constituencies we indulged in friendly contest. The alliance of BJP, AGP and BPF is set to form the government.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the media in New Delhi, BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “Our alliance will get at least 80 seats. BPF will get around 12 to 13 seats and AGP will get around 14 to 15 seats. We will form the government for sure.”

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