Simple ways to maintain hair during monsoon

New Delhi: With high moisture in the air due to monsoon, the hair tends to lose its shine and becomes dull. Give your tresses a tea-water and lemon rinse after shampoo and apply essential oil which may help overcome monsoon hair problems like dandruff, says an expert. Beauty expert Shahz Husain has doles out tips to maintain hair during monsoons. * The hair usually becomes dull and limp during the monsoon season, when the humidity is high. Give the hair a tea-water and lemon rinse after shampoo. Boil used tea leaves again in enough water. After boiling, you should have about five to six cups of tea-water. Cool and strain it. Add lemon juice and use it as a last rinse after shampoo.

* Applying essential oil may help monsoon hair problems, like dandruff. Essential oils should always be mixed with oil, rose water, or mineral water. Add five drops of Tea Tree Oil to 100 ml water. Shake well and keep in an airtight bottle. Apply this on the scalp, after shampoo and leave on.

*Shampoo the hair more frequently during the rains. Use less shampoo and rinse well with water. To add shine, whisk egg white with the juice of a lemon and apply on the hair half an hour before your shampoo.

* Another problem is that of bad odour from the scalp during the humid season. Wash your hair at least four times a week. Rinse thoroughly with water. For a fragrant hair rinse, add the juice of a lemon and half a cup of rose water to a mug of water and use as a last rinse after washing the hair.

* For dandruff that adheres to the scalp, have warm oil treatment. Heat olive oil and apply on the scalp with cotton wool, rubbing gently to dislodge the flakes. Leave on overnight. Next morning, apply the juice of a lemon or apple cider vinegar on the scalp and wash the hair after 15 minutes.

* Mix gram flour (besan) with ripe papaya pulp and lemon juice into a paste that does not drip. Apply the pack on the hair and wash it off after half an hour. This is a cleansing pack and also adds body to the hair. (IANS)

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