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The Humanism in Dr Bhupen Hazarika's Legacy

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 Nov 2015 12:00 AM GMT


By Tej Hazarika

Reflecting, composing and singing his songs on a wide variety of topics was my father's life passion. It was his gift to write songs in beautiful Assamese. He also had a message to deliver. It was a spark he inherited for humane social activism. He made supreme sacrifices and efforts to pass it on with all its complexity and implications. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his expression was compassiote towards all of humanity. Promethean and altruistic by ture, he must believe that every living person was precious beyond measure as bearer of that same potential. A high calling, there were countless obstacles to overcome for an artist who didn't create just to entertain the public. But he was schooled in mass communication so he devoted his life, energy and creativity to find ways to communicate that elevated perspective to one and all. The honesty and authenticity of his lofty output, under any lens, will be found to be relatively free of caste and class arrogance, sexism, commulism, racism and other prejudices-without exception, all products of those notorious unchecked seven deadly sins. Neither saint nor sinner, my father was one proud and faithful Indian awakened to the urgency of educating India's citizens how to make most of life-given the freedoms and protections possible in a participatory democracy in a population of huge diversity. From on high he saw the big picture yet his attention was on the details -mely, the individual and what makes him or her human. There are universal truths inlayed in his philosophy. His prescription for action and change was very persol. He implored us to cultivate a respectful attitude toward everyone. He was beseeching us to think deeper and to work harder to teach good values by example. And always, to think big, there is merit in helping the weak. Extraordiry individuals who drank deeply from his well have publicly acknowledged him as a source of their inspiration and success. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika left a legacy that is at once progressive, humanistic and uniting. Bhupen Hazarika Foundation's objective is to find ways to make his dream a reality by working with existing groups inspired by him. Translating his works and getting them published will be an ongoing foundation activity. We hope our efforts will illumite pathways for those who embrace the task of transforming self and society with clarity, equanimity, dignity and joy.

On the Winged Horse

By Bhupen Hazarika

Of fleeting time

I hunt for a new Horizon

With a smile on my face.

Wearing a luminous glittering crown

The day comes, the vee hums

With no despair, no regret

A dazzling bright, flood of light,

Cheering up my trail.

With reasoned truth

As guiding light

The day dawns and

The day departs

With no hiatus, no respite.

My airy spirit fears no walls;

Barriers, to me, are sweet windfalls.

As the gorgeous sun happily beckons

My mind and soul, freed of chains,

Dance with joy unbound.

My living tunes ring to bring

A fresh new breed of songs

(translated by Syed Ahmed Shah)

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