This is how ads mislead you!

New Delhi, Oct 5: The advertising industry watchdog's Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) said on Monday it has upheld complaints against 82 out of 148 campaigns in June for misleading advertisements including L'Oreal, Uber, Flipkart, Spdeal, Pernod Richard and Fortis Healthcare. "Out of 148 advertisements against which complaints were upheld, 26 belonged to the persol and healthcare category, followed by 22 advertisements in the education category, nine in food and beverage category, seven advertisements in media and entertainment category and 18 from other categories," the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) said in a statement. It said that the CCC found the claims in health and persol care product or service advertisements of 26 advertisers to be either misleading or false or not adequately or scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI's code.

There were two complaints filed against Flipkart. Regarding Flipkart's advertisement of Xpert Commendo 6 White Black shoe, it said: "The website communication claims the MRP of the product as Rs.1,078, when actual printed MRP on product is Rs.469 which is being offered as the discounted price."

Similarly, two complaint were filed against L'Oreal as well, ASCI said. "The advertisement, promotiol pamphlets and leaflets of the product claiming 'removal of 99.9 percent pimple causing germs' was found ambiguous and unsubstantiated."

Regarding the advertisement by Uber, which stated: "You drink, we drivea, ASCI said: "When read in conjunction with the depiction of logos of Bars such as Zara etc. as #UBERAPPROVED PARTNERS, was seen to promote alcohol drinking."

The complaint against Spdeal advertisement said: "The advertisement of depicts a visual of 'a man riding a bike without a helmet' shows an unsafe practice."

Regarding Fortis, the watchdog said: "The advertisement of Fortis Healthcare Limited does not refer to the criteria applicable for cosmetic surgeries and by presenting this as a 'limited period discount' offer could encourage unsafe practices."

On advertisment by Pernod Ricard India P. India (Seagram), the ASCI said: "The advertisement of Seagram states: 'More than a few drinks can change the meaning of U-turn', read in conjunction with the logo of Seagram and statement 'Enjoy responsibly', directly promotes a brand linked to alcohol."

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