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Oral Care: 6 Useful Tips to Maintain your Oral Hygiene

Foul breath can be a very embarrassing, putting one in an uncomfortable position. With a little bit of care, this common

Oral Hygiene

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NEW DELHI: Foul breath can be a very embarrassing, putting one in an uncomfortable position. With a little bit of care, this common condition can easily be prevented.

The roots of this dental issue is not secretive: oral cavities, gum ailments, faulty dental hygiene and coated tongue are among the most commonly known causes. Umpteen number of bacteria reside in our mouths and some of them on the tongue. Some of these are also present beneath the gum line or in pockets formed between gums and teeth. Other causes may encompass undernourishment, unrestrained diabetes, and dry mouth.

Infections like sore throat or sinusitis, or stomach issues, like gastrointestinal ulcers, heartburn problems, and being intolerant to lactose, can all contribute to this oral issue. Bad breath can also be instigated by underlying oral maladies such as dental cavities, food lodgement and gum ailments.

Read through these useful tips, shared by Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Head Dental Surgeon at Dentzz Dental, to help you in combat this oral health issues:

Efficient brushing technique: It is recommended to brush enamels twice a day and it is prudent to properly brush all teeth surfaces, including the gum line and internal portion of the enamels situated in proximity to the tongue. To totally avoid bad breath, you must consider investing your time in thoroughly brushing the overall tongue surface.

Daily flossing: Flossing will help in removing the food fragments that tend to get stuck in between the enamels that a toothbrush possibly cannot reach out to.

Stimulating saliva production: Saliva plays a very significant role in lessening bad breath in the mouth by moistening it. A dry mouth is the chief cause that can lead to halitosis. To avoid this problem, you must consider the consumption of sugar-free chewing gum which will certainly embolden the saliva production in your mouth.

Eat Healthy: Indulging in wholesome edibles help in stepping up the flow of your saliva to facilitate in washing away bacteria present in the teeth, tongue, and gums that can lead to bad breath.

Avert smoking and intake of tobacco: Smoking majorly contributes to bad breath. Tobacco has an ability to dry out your mouth and can leave a nasty smell that stays even post brushing your teeth.

Ensure you are always hydrated: Sipping over water will help in keeping the foul smell under control owing to the fact that it facilitates in washing away the stuck food particles and the accumulated bacteria, which are the foremost causes of bad breath.

In addition to these guidelines, you must practice well-timed oral healthcare visits and suitable dental hygiene for a reinstated mouth and above all to condense bad breath snags. (IANSlife)

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