All You Need to Know About How to Use Oximeter

All You Need to Know About How to Use Oximeter

Oximeters have become the go-to device these days. It reads the oxygen level in blood and gives an indication as to when we need to see a doctor in case the oxygen level has dipped to 92-93% or below

Knowing how to use the oximeter correctly is important as many COVID deaths are happening due to loss of oxygen. Detecting the oxygen level at the right time and getting medical help at the right moment will definitely save lives.

If you were wondering how exactly to use an oximeter and how it works, we explain what you need to do and how it works.

Few things to remember and must do while using an oximeter – you need to rest for about 10-15 minutes before you use the oximeter to measure the oxygen level in your blood. Sit straight, stay calm and sit still. Place one hand near your heart. Clip on the oximeter to your index or middle finger. You can use any hand you like. The device should touch your skin above the nail. Do not put the oximeter on your nail. Place the oximeter firmly and sit still. Any movement will give you incorrect reading.

Let the reading stabilise. Take the highest reading. Oximeters show two readings – the top one is your oxygen level and the one below is your pulse rate. Doctors recommend taking the readings 3 times a day at the same time.

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