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10 Cocktails named after Popular People

May 18, 2022
Charlie Chaplin
The origin of this sweet drink dates back to the early 20th century at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. It is made with equal parts of sloe gin, lime juice and apricot brandy
The Bellini
It is the most perfect bubbly cocktail named after the Italian Painter Giovanni Bellini and was invented at Harrys Bar in Venice, Italy by Giuseppe Cipriani between 1930-40. This cocktail is traditionally made using peach syrup and champagne
It has a rich history behind it and is said to be named by a Dallas socialite called Margarita Sames, who may have been the first to make the drink. This cocktail is made using Cointreau, tequila and lime juice.
Rob Roy
It is a popular whiskey cocktail named after the Scottish outlaw and hero - Rob Roy MacGregor. This Cocktail is made using Scotch Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and Bitters with a Citric Twist
Mary Pickford
Made using light rum, pineapple juice, grenadine and maraschino cherry juice; this cocktail is named after the popular actress who is recognized for her role in 'Little Mary'
Bloody Mary
This spicy vodka and tomato juice cocktail is said to be named after Queen Mary I of England, who was nicknamed Bloody Mary, who was called so as she burned the Protestant Heretics at the stake in the hundreds
Ginger Rogers
Yet another cocktail, inspired by and named after a movie star, Ginger Rogers is made using gin and ginger ale with some regular ginger. Ginger Rogers was an American stage & Film dancer & Actress and is known for her role in the movie Kitty Foyle, which she also won an academy award
Tomb Raider
Named in honor of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's popular movie, this cocktail is made with Malibu rum, vodka, pineapple juice and some soda water. It's a tropical cocktail that was created during the filming of Tomb Raider in Cambodia
Bipolar Cocktail
This cocktail is named after popular Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and was created by the Oak Room in New York City. It is made using equal measures of Vodka and gin, along with vermouth, club soda, and a splash of onion juice, and is serve on the rocks.
Eliot Spitzer
Named after the former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, this cocktail is made using pinot grigio, Chambord liquor along with soda water, a twist of lime, and a serrano pepper