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10 Most Impactful Women-Centric Bollywood Films You Must Watch

Mar 8, 2022
Piku is a film that appeals to the sensibilities of working woman, particularly single working woman at various levels.
The narrative of the film revolves around a strong and courageous woman cop. Breaking the stereotype Mardaani reveals the fighter that is inside every girl.
No One Killed Jessica
An unabashedly pro-woman movie, it makes you wonder about the kind of country we live in. Women are persecuted at all levels and the judiciary is apathetic.
Based on the real life story of an air hostess Neerja Bhanot, this is a film about a girl next door who aspires to be a model and becomes an air hostess. She demonstrates extraordinary valour by sacrificing her life to save the lives of over 300 flight passengers.
Alia Bhatt's character 'Sehmat' makes a powerful statement to be able to put her country's interests above her own, being married to someone in a rival country, and putting the common well-being first before herself is an extremely brave and fierce decision in itself.
English Vinglish
The Sridevi starrer sheds light on the way women are treated in a patriarchal Indian household and depicts her journey towards self-assertion. Shashi Godbole, the protagonist of the film,, is a quiet and sweet-tempered middle class housewife who is looked down upon by her family for not being able to speak English.
Queen is a film about growing up. It is about a girl who gets ditched by her fiance just before her marriage. Shattered by the unfortunate event, she decides to go on a honeymoon by herself and for herself.
Mary Kom
Mary Kom is a real-life inspiration for thousands of girls in the country who have a dream but also have many challenges ahead of achieving that dream. Mary Kom's story highlights how persistence, hard work and determination can overpower any number of obstacles.
The film is majorly responsible for letting the nation know that when a girl says 'No' it means 'No'. The story raises pertinent questions on consent and sexual assault. It is a gripping story about three girls fighting against boys from influential families who molested them, and finally winning a case in the courtroom
"Just a Slap, but nahi maar sakta" is where the entire storyline of the film revolves. This film makes a woman, especially in patriarchal India, become aware and realize here worth. No Man, not even a husband, has the right to slap or physically a woman.