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9 Places in India Loved by foreign tourists

June 29, 2022
Hampi is site with heritage structures and monuments attracting visitors with deep root of history, indian cultures and tradition
The 8th wonder of world is most visited by foreigners to witness the brilliant Mughal architecture and beautiful view of marble monument
Magnificent forts, impressive inlay work done on pillars of palaces, luxurious stay options attract foreign tourists to stay & relish the traditional hospitality & cuisine
land of 85 Ghats id topic of study and explore its vivid streets. Ganga arti, boating, new developments, street food and life of monks are topic of interest among visitors
Tranquil and unspoiled natural vistas, important pilgrim places, adventure filled trekking spread love for state
The pink city is thronged by foreign guests with its lovable surroundings, charming aura and city tour famous places. History of Rajputana rulers create curiosity among travellers
The charm of Old Delhi and north Indian Food delicacies hinder tourists to stay for sure. The vast conectivity of city & lavish accommodations is the widest reason to make Delhi as most favorite stop
Most relaxed place of Tamil Nadu with majestic beautiful sites, waterfalls and hills
Swirling coconut trees, cruising in houseboat & romantic time spend in green patched hills of Munnar is at everyone's hitlist.