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10 Scientists who made India Proud with their incredible breakthroughs

Sept 30, 2022
Meghnad Saha
The complexities of stars puzzled Meghnad Saha, who went on to come up with the Saha equation. The astrophysicist’s equation answered critical questions about the universe
Srinivasa Ramanujan
The Indian mathematician came up with his number theory that explained how different integers could be added together. This was instrumental in explaining the properties of numbers
CV Raman
A beam of light scatters in different directions on passing through a medium as there is a change in wavelength of light. The Raman effect helped scientists understand how molecules interact
SN Bose
The Bose-Einstein equation explored the universe of quantum physics and shed light on how particles interact in different energy states. It also explained why the behaviour of elements changes with temperature
Bibha Chowdhuri
The first woman particle physicist in India, Chowdhuri’s work revolved around cosmic rays and it is said that she was involved in the Kolar Gold Mine experiment planning
Jagdish Chandra Bose
Bose’s work on plants received global acclaim. He postulated that plants were akin to any other life form, with awareness of surroundings reproductive features and life cycles. This opened new arenas in botany.
S Chandrasekhar
What are the principles of energy in galaxies? What is the evolution of the stars? Chandrasekhar, through his work in the field of stellar dynamics, found out how stars collapsed, and the reactions that caused them to
CV Vishveshwara
Known as the ‘Black Hole Man of India’, Vishveshwara worked extensively on black holes, their occurrences, the information they hold and what makes a black hole so intriguing
Janaki Ammal
Ammal’s work in the fields of botany and cytogenetics is widely known. She is responsible for creating intergenic hybrids among sugarcane species, thus resulting in sweeter varieties.
Venkatraman Radhakrishnan
Radhakrishnan’s work in radio astronomy was the founding block for the millimetre wave dish, receivers and also low-frequency radio observatories at Gauribidanur and Mauritius. He was held in high regard by astronomers all over the world for his world on pulsars