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10 Spicy, Tempting Foods We All Want To Enjoy During Rains

June 16, 2022
Bhutta (Corn)
If you love spicy food and even if you don’t, just grab the ‘Bhutta waala bhaiya’, nearest to you. Its tastes even better with your friends and loved ones, sitting in open, enjoying stove-hot bhutta. Just make sure that your bhutta is garnished properly with loads of lemon juice and spice.
Mouth-watering pakoras and a cup of tea is a mind-boggling combination, during the monsoon. You can alter your choice by choosing from wide range of onion pakora, potato pakora, cauliflower pakora and paneer pakora. Homemade or buying those from street-side, pakoras are the best option, topped with mint sauce and imli chutney.
Samosa can be considered as another drool-worthy snack, this monsoon. Gone are the days, when people had only potato samosa on their list, now you can choose from the wide range of specialized samosas. You can choose from Pasta samosa, chilly-paneer samosa, nutria- samosa, keema samosa and numerous other varities. So, without giving a second thought just drool on them.
Masala Chai
What could be better than sitting at your roof-shed and enjoying little raindrops, while listening to your favorite music track, with a cup of masala chai in hand? A cup of strong, masala chai consisting of ginger and green cardamom will be a complete stress-buster.
Imagine the taste of lip-smacking kachoris, served with spicy potato curry, what else do you need, while raining? You can serve hot fries and chips to add on the cherry on the cake. Sounds amazing? Isn’t it?
A bowl of hot soup, whether vegetable or clear soup is all you need this monsoon. This season not only brings happiness but carries lots of flues and viruses in the air. A bowl of healthy soup will serve both purposes, as to keep those flues away and to also to please your warm taste buds.
A Plate of delicious chicken or vegan dim sum, is a must have this watery season. Served with spicy garlic chutney and mayonnaise, hot steamy momos will take you to the gateway of heaven.
Why not add, a sweet dish to your list of monsoon diaries? Garma-garam thin jalebis tastes mouth-watering and delicious in monsoon. Circular shaped jalebis dipped in sugary syrup with the combination of samosas are just near to perfect.
Roasted Chicken Tikka
Roasted chicken with mint sauce with the backdrop of rain, isn’t it the best thing in the world? The crispy roasted chicken with the onion rings is the perfect crave-buster for non-vegetarians, this monsoon season.
The trademark delicacy of Mumbai is now available in every metro city. The buttery paav with potato bunda is perfect for monsoon. It tastes even better, when served with green chili along with red chili paav. Beat the cold rain drops with the pleasure of hot vada-paav.