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10 Things a man will do only for the woman he loves

Aug 11, 2022
Making Time
No matter how busy his schedule will be, he will make time for you even if it is just half an hour or to drop you from one place to another
Keeping Promises
When a man truly loves someone, he keeps his promises. He will respect your time and do what he promised you
He will introduce you to friends & family
If a man loves you, he will introduce you to his friends and family. He will show you off and will secretly hope that they all love you and vice-versa
He will enjoy your craziness
He will not just accept but he will truly enjoy your crazy side too. Jumping like a child, your silly moments, he will enjoy it and his smile will be genuine. You won't feel shy.
He won't judge you
If you have the right man by your side, he will not judge you! Your crankiness during periods, hunger tantrums, he will accept it all
He will appreciate your opinions
He won't just appreciate and look forward to your opinion but he will also hold your advice important
He will help you achieve your dreams
If a man loves you from all his heart, he will give you wings, inching you towards your dreams. His support will say it all
You will be treated like a lady
If not flowers and princess treatment materialistically, his behavior towards you will indeed be like you are his princess. Being gentle, all ears, hugs, kisses, the complete package
He will see a future with you
A man who is totally in love with you, will see a future with you, imagine a family with you and will definitely bring it up and discuss it with you
He will fight for you not with you
He will show you his real feelings if he is in love with you. he will know your worth because he would not want to lose you. He will fight to protect you but not with you