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10 useful websites you must check on the internet

June 26, 2022
​Downdetector: Detect downtime for apps and services is a website that reports downtime for the apps and services in real time.
Have I been pawned: Allows users to check if their password has been hacked is a website that checks if your email address or phone number has been in a data breach. Listen to natural soundscapes from across the world is a website that allows users to listen to natural soundscapes from across the world. The website also allows users to create their own playlist and offers sounds from national parks and the everglades.
​Print friendly: Convert anything into printer-friendly format, as the name suggests, can convert any webpage into a print-friendly layout and download them as PDF. The website also has a browser extension.
Pixabay: Can download any image without copyright worries
If you are looking for copyright free images for your projects or website, then can be a life saver for you.
​Zamzar: Can convert file into any format is a universal file conversion website. It supports almost any file format which includes videos, images, documents and more. Create webpage that can be stored locally on your PC
Disposable Web Page lets you create private webpages which are stored locally on your browser. There's no logins, no accounts and no password to remember. These webpages can be stored locally on your browser.
​Mathway: Solves any Maths problem is a website for students who don’t like maths. This website is basically an algebra solver where users can enter the problem and it will solve it for you.
​Kiddle: Google for kids
Kiddle is Google for kids. The website allows users to search kids friendly content including facts, images, videos and more.
​ Helps you understand any terms and conditions in simple term is a website designed to simplify the bizarre terms and conditions that services usually ask users to accept. The website also offers some grading system based on the nature of the T&C’s from the services. Along with that, it also highlights the specific terms and conditions with Red, Green and Yellow based on their severity.