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11 Reasons Why Indian Students Choose Ukraine For Medical Studies Over India

Mar 1, 2022
The country Ukraine is known across the globe for providing high-quality education and this attracts a lot of international students including Indians who look for quality education in their own country but fails to afford it.
No entrance exam for Medical seats
One of the major reasons to study medicine in Ukraine is that no entrance exam is conducted by famous medical institutions to provide a seat to any students. In India, as the students struggle a lot to pass entrance exams and secure a seat in medical colleges by competing with a huge number of students so they choose Ukraine.
Cheaper tuition fees
It is well-known to everyone how costly it is to pursue medical in Indian private medical institutions but in comparison Ukraine provides much cheaper private medical colleges which are affordable for every section of people.
Global Recognition
The medical colleges in Ukraine and the degrees provided by them are recognized by worldwide medical councils including the World Health Council, Indian Medical Council, General Medical Council of UK, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, and European Council of Medicine. The MBBs institution in Ukraine got approval from global bodies like UNESCO and WHO.
Average Medical Infrastructure
Ukraine provides an average medical infrastructure with 33 medical colleges and standard infrastructure.
Opportunity in India
Those students returning from Ukraine with medical degree gets a better opportunity in India as they sit for the Foreign Medical Graduates exam after clearing which they become eligible for a license to practice medicine.
Scarcity of seats in India
India provides a very limited seat for medical candidates despite the huge number of students interested to pursue the course. The country has 84,000-odd MBBS seats and 1.61 million candidates had registered for NEET exams last year for these seats.
English is the only mode of Instruction
Language is another important element that students give a thought to before going to take admission in any institution and in the case of medical courses it plays a very significant role. In all colleges of Ukraine, the only mode of instruction is English which is simple for students as they don't need to learn foreign languages that become mandatory in other foreign countries.
Ukraine ranks 4th in Europe for having the largest number of graduate and post-graduates specializations in medicine.
Low Living Cost
Along with the less expensive fee for admission in the MBBS institution in Ukraine students also have to pay a low cost for their living in the country which costs much in other foreign countries.
Multicultural Environment
The medical students in Ukraine enjoy a multicultural environment as its institutions provide education to students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.