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13 Best Ice Cream Flavours Of India That Are Perfect For Summers

May 5, 2022
Mango Ice Cream
We all have fond memories of the mango season. And the combination of mango and ice cream makes for the perfect tropical treat. It is one of the popular and best ice cream flavours in India known for its fruity flavour.
Coconut Ice Cream
With chunks of coconut flesh tucked inside ice cream, this nutritious fruit flavour is very famous in India. You can try NIC’s tender coconut to try the real flavour of this ice cream.
Vanilla Ice Cream
This is an evergreen and widely used ice cream flavour in India and the world. When in doubt, just order vanilla. It will never disappoint you.
Pan Ice Cream
An additional treat for all the Pan lovers, this ice cream is made using betel leaves, green cardamom, and fennel seeds. Try the pan ice cream or pan-kulfi, and your tasting senses would thank you!
Kesar Pista Ice Cream
Luxurious ice cream made with one of the most expensive spices in the world – saffron, Kesar Pista is one of the best ice cream flavours in India. Almost all major brands in the country offer Kesar Pista.
Anjeer Badam Ice Cream
Made with dry fruits, this ice cream’s nutty flavour is perfect for those seeking a royal food indulgence. It is fused with the saltiness of roasted almonds and will take you to a different world altogether.
Kulfi Ice Cream
Kulfi has a separate fanbase in India. There are several varieties of Kulfi – Malai, Kesar, Mango, Litchi and many more. Traditionally kulfi is kept in a ‘Mataka’ (utensil made from sand) which makes its tastes a thousand times better. You can further have Kulfis in various flavours. Ask anyone, Kulfi is one of the best ice cream flavours in India.
Gulab-Jamun Ice Cream
Yes, you read it correctly! Gulab-Jamun flavoured ice cream is a unique one, everyone should at least try it once. In case you feel it’s too unique for your senses, you can always fall back on the great combination of actual Gulab-Jamun with Vanilla ice cream.
Jaljeera Ice Candy
In summers, Jaljeera drink is one of the favourite drinks of the country. Now, imagine the flavour of Jaljeera, but in an ice candy. It sure is heavenly, and can only be found in India.
Cassata Ice Cream
Cassata Ice Cream is named after a traditional Italian sweet. It looks like a whole rainbow on your plate and tastes like a scam. Just the looks of this ice cream would make you give it a try.
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream, as the name sounds, is a flavour full of tropical fruit flavours like fresh cherries, strawberries, lemon, raspberry, pineapple and orange. To all the fruit lovers out there, this flavour is made for you.
Coffee Ice Cream
If you’re someone who enjoys the beans drink, you wouldn’t want to miss coffee ice cream. It is also one of the best ice cream flavours in India that will also give you instant energy.
Chocolate Ice Cream
Who doesn’t love chocolates and ice cream? Now imagine something that combines the goodness of both – chocolate ice cream! Offered by all major brands in the country, this flavour has recently gained a lot of popularity.