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5 Most expensive Cities to explore in the world

Apr 20, 2022
Topping the chart of the most expensive cities from the past several years is Singapore. Though public transportation is very effective here, the cost of cabs and taxis is pretty high. The government here keeps the rates of the cars highest to manage the number of vehicles on the road. Also the cleanest country in the world, the city has a buzzing foodie culture and tourism is an all-time hit
Paris, France
Paris, one of the most romantic destinations in the world, comes with a price tag. The French capital welcomes lakhs of tourists every year and is one of the most expensive vacation destinations in the world. The cute little cafes, coffee, chocolates, pastries and wine are pretty pricey in Paris. But it’s all worth all your money!
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the vacation destination for the richie richs. You need to be a millionaire, if you want to buy even a small piece of land here as the price of a property per square meter is the highest in Hong Kong in the whole wide world. So you can imagine how expensive it must be to explore the place.
Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich in Switzerland is one of the most expensive cities for tourists in Europe. Though the entire Switzerland is costly, a trip to Zurich costs a bomb. The cost of transportation, accommodation and food are absolutely high in the city.
New York City, USA
New York City can’t be left out when it comes to the world’s most expensive cities. The cost of food, stay and travel inside the city is absolutely sky-rocketing here. Though the cost of public transport is still under budget, the rates of taxis and cabs are very high.