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5G Network: Know all about it

Nov 7, 2022
When 5G comes, will the 3G and 4G phones continue to work properly, in Voice call as well as Data?
Yes, all the existing phone will continue to work properly for voice and data. Only when an operator decides to close their 2G or 3G network then only the services will stop.
2. What will be the changes such users feel? Will there be more speed in download and upload, even if the device is 4G?
You can experience 5G only on a 5G enabled device and not on existing 4G devices.
Will the 4G network continue?
Yes, 4G network will continue.
What about the availability of 5G devices?
As per industry estimates, India currently has around 50 million 5G devices. This number is grow at a fast pace going forward.
Are 5G mobile phones readily available?
Yes many models of 5G phones are readily available. Most of the leading device brand like Apple iPhone, Samsung, One Plus etc.
Will there be small Wi-Fi devices for 5G, as we use in 4G (JioFi)?
As unveiled in the Reliance Industries Annual General meeting, Jio will bring Jio Air Fiber device, which is a portable 5G device.
Can the current 4G phones be upgraded to 5G?
No, the current 4G phones cannot be upgraded to 5G.
If a user has not-so-big data consumption, should he/she abandon the 4G phone and buy a new 5G phone?
5G has distinct advantage of high speed and low latency. It will help digital consumers enjoy high speed internet.
Who will be the best users or beneficiaries of 5G? Which kind of use it is most suitable for?
All segment of consumers will be benefitted by some or the other feature of 5G. Home consumers can get high speed internet using Jio Air Fiber device or 5G handset. 5G can enable Industry 4.0 solutions. In social sector it can be enabler for Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, etc.
How will the distribution of 5G? Small posts (micro sites) instead of big towers? What is their functioning style?
5G equipment can be installed in existing towers. It can also be installed in street furniture’s.