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7 of the Weirdest Wedding Traditions Across The Globe

May 4, 2022
Joota Chupai
Asking for money in exchange for the groom's shoes is normal for us, but it still qualifies as a bizarre wedding tradition in other countries. Sometimes the jhuttis cost less than the asking price.
It only Happens in Sweden
At a swedish wedding, if a bride leaves to go to the bathroom during the ceremony, all-women line up to kiss the groom. And if a groom leaves the room, all the men line up to kiss his bride.
That's How French Do it
Charivari is a centuries old custom that requires family and friends to gather outside the newlyweds' house and start pounding pots and pans. The couple then serves drinks and nibbles to everyone
Damn, South Koreans Weddings Are Harsh
In some South Korean Weddings, the groom's feet are beaten by dead fish and bamboo sticks to prepare him for the first night of his marriage
Scotland Couples Deal with Some Filthy Stuff
Family and Friends shower the couple with all kinds of filthy stuff before tying them to a tree. This is to show that the bride and groom are ready for anything. Yes, its a Ritual.
Maasai Weddings in Kenya
Require the father of the bride to spit on his daughters head and breasts before she leaves with her new husband. Spitting is a symbol of good luck and fortune in Maasai culture
Crying Practice for Chinese Women
Tuija people in China welcome a good marriage or event by crying. The brides have to cry every day for an hour for a month before their wedding
Ladies & Gentlemen, Bride and Groom of Borneo...
The bride and groom of the Tidong Community in Borneo are confined to a house and are not allowed to take a dump or even pee for 3 days and 3 nights.