The sentinel


Aug 31, 2022
They Show Signs of Violence
Violence of any kind, be it physical or emotional, is the biggest warning sign you must watch out for before marrying your partner
They are Immature
Immaturity in your partner, the one unrelated to age, means that they have failed to maintain basic life skills, such as managing their finances, keeping a job, or making future plans
They have a history of cheating
If they have cheated on you previously, believing they will not do so again and marrying them might not turn out to be the best decision for you
You’ve given up things that matter to you
If you have left things, hobbies, friends etc. that were once important to you, majorly because of your partner’s influence, you might want to put your wedding on hold
You guys always fight
When you’re with the right person, their little mistakes usually seem adorable. However, if you find yourself blowing up over the smallest things, you might want to reconsider
They don’t take interest in your future goals
If they don’t show any interest in your future goals and plans, it could mean they don’t really care about a future together
You feel lonely with them
Being in a healthy relationship means you complete each other. But, if you feel lonely even when you’re sitting with them in a restaurant, it means something is off with this relationship
They are dealing with addiction issues
Addicts are unable to function independently and have no free will. Their drug addiction can cause them to lose control, resulting in unhappiness in the relationship