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8 Strongest Snakes in the world

May 27, 2022
Common Kingsnake
The common kingsnake is one tough animal. Sometimes called the Eastern kingsnake they are not afraid to take on larger snakes or venomous snakes! They are shiny black snakes with yellow to white bands mixed with speckles. The researchers found that these snakes are the strongest snakes compared with the ratsnakes because the force at which they are able to squeeze and hold onto their prey is so strong.
California Kingsnake
The California Kingsnake is a black and white snake with alternating bands. They can be found in California and along the west coast states down to Mexico. Most are about 3 ½ feet long but some can get to be 5 feet or more. They are frequently found in desert, forests and grasslands but are also kept as pets (if you’re into snakes).
Speckled Kingsnake
The speckled kingsnake is another species of super strong constrictor snakes. As their name suggests they have a speckled appearance and are black with yellow to cream speckles and bars along their backs. They get to be around 4 feet long and weigh 3-5 pounds. This species can be found in the Midwest, from Iowa
Eastern Ratsnake
The Eastern ratsnake was not as strong as the kingsnakes but they are still powerful constrictors. The Eastern ratsnake is larger than the kingsnake but kingsnakes can kill and eat ratsnakes. A quick internet search will pull-up some interesting videos of just such an act. The Eastern ratsnake, sometimes called the chicken snakes because they are known to swallow chicken eggs whole, another fun internet search!
Boa Constrictor
With the word “constrictor” in its name you know these snakes mean business. They are some of the strongest snakes in the world and are significantly larger than kingsnakes. Kingsnakes may pick fights with larger snakes but they can’t mess with a full grown boa constrictor.
Burmese Python
Bigger than a boa, the Burmese python can grow to be 200 pounds! They are a huge thick-bodied snake that is 18-20 feet long, with some being longer. They are native to Asia, in India, China and Vietnam but they have also been introduced to the southern tip of Florida and several breeding populations live there… causing trouble.
Green Anaconda
The Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world! It is just a tad bigger than the Python and is certainly one of the strongest snakes. Green Anacondas can get to be 20-30 feet long and weigh as much as 550 pounds! Amazing! They are not native to the United States but live in Central America.
African Rock Python
A snake that is strong enough to capture and eat a 150 pound hyena has to be one of the strongest snakes in the world. National Geographic was there to video tape this amazing feat. African rock pythons are typically 10-16 feet long and weigh an average of 70-120 pounds with some getting to be 200 pounds