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According To BTS’s V, Here Are The Top 10 Small Things That Make Him Absolutely Happy

May 5, 2022
Taking photos
V loves roaming around with a film camera and just collecting memories everywhere he goes.
Looking at artwork
He feels happy whenever he looks at artworks of really famous artists and photographers.
The fact that V loves playing games with his friends is a common knowledge shared among ARMYs worldwide.
Going on a trip
For Taehyung, it always makes his heart filled with joy when he leaves to make memories with the people precious to him by travelling.
You know Taehyung has successfully entered his 20’s when he believes that there’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping.
As he believes, “eating delicious food is the best!” and we wholeheartedly agree.
Wearing clothes
While some ARMYs may beg to disagree, V believes that wearing clothes give him happiness because clothes are his life.
Watching movies
Maybe this is why he and Jungkook watched the movie Parasite — he loves watching movies that aren’t extremely scary.
Playing with Yeontan
dogs are a man’s best friend, after all.
Being with family
Taehyung proves again how much of a family man he is by saying that simply being with his family makes him happy.