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Akshay Kumar's income from his Movies and Businesses is Incredible

Nov 10, 2021
The Most Bankable Actor
Akshay Kumar is without a doubt one of the most bankable actors in Bollywood right now. Ever since 2010 he has been consistently dishing out hits, one after the other.
Setting New Rules
He was one of the actors in India to forego a basic fee, for a portion of the profits of a film. This became a thing for him around 2008, around the time he started experimenting with his roles.
Fee for Movies
Its difficult to find out what his fees for films are mainly because he is also the producer of most of his films and also because he takes a portion of the net profits.
His Production House
He established his production house in the year 2008 under the name Hari Om Entertainment. The Production house has made films like 'Airlift', 'Holiday' and many more
His Second Production House
He also founded a different production house in 2011 called Grazing Goat Pictures, which has produced movies like 'Fugly', 'Singh is Bling' and 'OMG - Oh my God'
His Mumbai House
He lives in a luxurious duplex apartment at Prime Beach Apartments in Juhu, Mumbai. It is valued at Rs. 80 Crores as of 2018. He also has a couple of other real estate investments in the city that make up his offices.
His Car Collection
Akshay Kumar is somewhat of a petrolhead, but mainly chose his cars with practicality. He has a total of 11 luxury cars including few Mercedes-Benz, a Bentley and some Porsches. He is also massively into bikes.
His Endorsements
Akshay Kumar apparently earns about Rs. 4-6 Crores every month from his endorsements. Akshay also happens to have the most diversified endorsement portfolios among all celebrities in India, including Cricketers.
His Net Worth
According to several reports, Akshay apparently has a net worth of over Rs. 2000 Crores, including his properties, several real estate projects and business ventures.
A Stake in A Sports Team
He also has a company that allows him to own stakes in sporting clubs around the world. He actually had a kabaddi team in the World Kabaddi League, by the name of Khalsa Warriors