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Alcohol Revenue in India: Top 10 States

June 21, 2022
As per reports Uttar Pradesh topped the list of states which generate highest excise revenue. In 2019-20, it minted Rs. 31,517 Crore
It is followed by Karnataka which earned Rs. 20950 crore in 2019-20
Maharashtra is the third position by collection Rs. 17477.4 crore revenue from the sales of liquor
Whereas in Madhya Pradesh, the state government earned Rs. 13000 crore from the liquor sales in 2019-20
In 2019-20 the excise revenue of West Bengal stood at Rs. 11873 crore
Telangana collected excise revenue of Rs 10901 crore in 2019-20
Rajasthan's excise revenue for the financial year 2020 stood at Rs.10500 crore
Andhra Pradesh collected Rs. 8518 crore from excise revenue in 2019-20
Tamil Nadu and Haryana earned Rs. 7262.3 Crore and Rs. 7000 crore respectively.