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Amrit Udyan in Guwahati hosts Statues of 8 freedom fighters from 8 NE States

Aug 25, 2022
Rani Gaidinliu was a Naga spiritual leader & freedom fighter who fought the British in Manipur & Naga areas. She was arrested & sentenced for life, walking free only after Independence.
The exploits of freedom fighter Bir Tikendrajit Singh are legendary. The commander of Manipuri army rebelled against the British and was later hanged.
The new Amrit Udyan at Hengerabari, Guwahati, hosts a statue of Bidrohi Ratanmani Reang of Tripura who led the famous Reang revolt against the British. He was later captured by the British troops and killed in captivity in Agartala
Helen Lepcha alias Sabitri Devi, the great freedom fighter from Sikkim whose revolutionary zeal shook the foundation of British empire, is an inspiration for everyone.
U Tirot Sing Syiem is a huge inspiration for countrymen. The Khasi chief fought the British in early 19th century but was captured in January 1833 & deported to Dhaka where he died.
With her rebellious approach, Rani Ropuiliani of Mizoram encouraged people to disobey the British diktat for taxes. She was captured & held captive for 2 years before she died.
As a mark of respect for his contribution to India's freedom struggle, unveiled a statue of Moje Riba at Amrit Udyan, Guwahati.The freedom fighter from Arunachal Pradesh was arrested by the British for resisting their colonial rule.
Dimasa leader Sambhudhan Phanglo was a prominet freedom fighter who fought against British atrocities & sacrificed his life for the love of his motherland.