22 FEB 2021
The Australian Government have proposed a law, News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code Bill 2020, has instructions of a bargaining code that aims to force Google and Facebook to compensate media companies for using their content.
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Google and Facebook have voiced against the proposal, with google threatening to pull its service from the country if the laws were passed by the parliament, and Facebook has said it would be forced to block users in Australia from sharing news content, which it did.
On Feb 17 2021, Google signed a 3 year deal with the Rupert Murdoch owned media giant News Corp., which comprises ad revenue input and the progress of a subscription platform; but financial negotiations with other smaller news outlets are vague.
This deal came into effect as Australia proposed a law that may decrease Google’s future operations in the country.
On Feb 18, 2021, Facebook has reacted adversely and blocked users in Australia from seeing and sharing Australian news content on its feed.
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Facebook was slammed by the Australian Government as it blocked health-department and emergency-services pages which deliver vital news on the pandemic, the vaccine and probable bush fires threats.
According to Google, the Code would force Google to pay for links to certain publishers, despite the value they already receive in free user traffic from Google.
Australian ministers supporting the proposed legislation have largely discharged such dire threats.
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Microsoft recently advocated the legislation and would be willing to be conscious of the rules if specified as being subjective to them.
Through this law Australian Govt. wants to help struggling publishers to earn ad revenue which Facebook and Google profits at a huge rate; and pave more money to a news industry that is lessening coverage as ad-revenue trickles.
Australian PM Morrison is in talks with Narendra Modi, to support his media code that finds the Silicon Valley giants to recompense for news content.
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