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Common Ingredients and Flavors in Indian Cuisine

Nov 20, 2022
Although green cardamom is more common, both types can be used interchangeably in savoury and sweet dishes like masala chai, biryani, and meat marinades
Cinamon, the rolled bark of a Sri Lankan tree, pairs particularly well with sugar. It's also popular in savoury meat dishes
Corriander seeds impart a citrusy flavour to Punjabi saag paneer. Cilantro, the plant's green, herbaceous part, is used as a garnish in many Indian dishes
The aroma of these small seeds is strong and pungent, lending a familiar backnote to many Indian and Mexican dishes
Dried Chillies
Dried Chillies, such as Kashmiri chillies, can be used in a variety of ways, but they are most commonly toasted with other spices in ghee or oil before being spooned over a finished dish
A bitter Mediterranean seed with a celery-like aroma that is used in curry powders
Mustard Seeds
Their natural spiciness is reduced when roasted, and they take on a nuttier flavour. Important in Indian Cooking
Tamarind has a distinct sour flavor and is commonly used in chutneys and sambar, a South Indian Lentil an vegetable stew served with vada or idli