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Beautiful photos of world's floating villages are all you need to see today!<\h1>

July 21, 2022
Ha-Long Bay, Vietnam
Ha-Long or Halong Bay has four pretty floating villages, inhabited by around 1600 people. Cua Van Ba Hang, Cong Tau and Vong Vieng are all fishing villages
Ganvie, Africa
Set on Lake Nokoue, this floating village of Ganvie is home to around 20,000 people, making it one of the largest floating villages in the world. The village has a school, hospital and shops too
Yawnghwe, Myanmar
The floating village of Yawnghwe is situated on Inle Lake in Myanmar. There are 17 villages with a population of around 70,000 people. People here use kayaks for transportation
Uros, Peru
Uros are people of Lake Titicaca and living in Peru. They have created their own floating islands and villages, made with a special kind of reed. These reed houses look absolutely incredible
Tonle Sap, Cambodia
You'll mesmerized to see hundreds of floating villages(around 170) on one of the freshwater lakes in Cambodia. Tonle Sap, expanding to thousands of square kilometers, also happens to be the largest freshwater lake in Asia
Ko Panyi, Thailand
Ko Panyi is another pretty floating village in Phang Nga Province of Thailand. This fishing village enjoys a surreal location, close to a limestone cliff and some 360 families live here. There's even a football court in this floating village!
Kampong Phluk, Cambodia
Kampong Phluk floating village in Cambodia is a group of three villages. About 1800 families live here. Fishing and shrimp harvesting are the main occupation of villagers here
Day-Asan, Philippines
A pretty floating village in Surigao City of Philippines, Day-Asan is noted for its houses built on wooden stilts. More than 2000 people inhabit this floating fishing village