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Best Cat Breeds with sweet personalities

Jan 29, 2023
If you’re looking for a 15-pound semi-long-haired BFF who’s stuck to you like glue, this could be your cat soul mate.
Maine Coons
Maine coons are well-known for their big size, but the reason they’re such a popular house cat breed is because of their friendly personalities.
American Shorthair
American shorthairs have long lifespans, so they’re a popular choice among families who want to give their kids a pet to grow up with. They’re also known to be super sweet with kids and dogs
Scottish Folds
Scottish fold is a medium-size breed, and they’re, like, obsessed with their owners. They live for human affection, and they’re not spooked by loud noises, which means they’re a good fit if you live in a big city.
These kitties have a distinctive ombré fur that comes in four gorgeous shades. Somali thrive when they have a dependable person who pays a lot of attention to them, and they love to play as much as they’re here to cuddle.
Persian cats are so cute, they look like stuffed animals but they’re REAL. They’re the most popular cat breed, both because of how beautiful they are and also thanks to their sweet personalities.
Abyssinians aren’t the most cuddly cat breed. They do like human companionship, but they show it simply by being near you rather than on top of you.
Birmans are really sweet and quiet, and they can get along with pretty much anyone. A very low-maintenance cat breed.