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Best edible mushrooms in india and across the world

Feb 1, 2023
Button Mushrooms
They are most common variety of mushrooms found in India and are a popular choice for cooking as well. They have a mild flavor, soft texture and a milky hue to them
Portobello Mushrooms
Also known as “Cep mushrooms”, they look like giant versions of the button mushrooms, but have a woody flavor to them. Though they can grow up to 10 inches long, they are generally harvested when they are one inch big and sold in dried form
Shitake Mushrooms
This variety of mushrooms, with its low water content and plentiful medicinal properties, have seen a recent surge in demand! Owing to which, there is a focus on their cultivation in the northern states of India
Enoki Mushrooms
The rare specie of mushrooms have a light, almost fruity flavour. Their appearance resembles small white straws with tiny caps on them. One must be careful so as to know overcook them as heat can really tighten them up, making them unpleasant to eat.
Morel Mushrooms
Also known as Guchchi mushrooms in the Himalayan region, this variety is particularly difficult to grow, due to which it is rare to find and very expensive (costing nearly Rs. 30,000 per kg!)
Oyster Mushrooms
Grown extensively in tropical regions, you can find this “fan shaped” mushroom growing in Orissa,Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.
Straw Mushrooms
Also known as “Chinese Mushrooms”, these are a popular variety of the button mushroom itself. They have a soft flavor and aroma to them and are therefore often used in cooking