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Blackpink's Questionable Fashion Moments

Nov 19, 2021
The Pink in Blackpink
Blackpink almost never fails to impress with their picks, but some of their looks are rather questionable. Take this one by Rose for example that does nothing to accentuate her features.
Why the Corset...?
If that even is a corset since it sits rather odd on her. Jennie has a killer body but this look was a total dud.
The Granny Look
Jisoo's million-dollar smile is the only thing that's saving this outfit that seems to have come straight from the 60s.
What's up with the T-Shirts?
Their stylists seem to love giving them long t-shirts, but this one is barely a t-shirt, let alone a dress! Props to Rosie for dancing in this.
The Frills, though!
And there are so many of them. The frills are totally drowning her out in this dress
The mismatch syndrome
There is just too much happening on this outfit and none of it is doing justice to our Jisoo
The Outdated Print
As if the print wasn't dated enough, pairing it with that giant bow just makes her look even more juvenile
Why are there ants on her dress?
At first glance, Jennie may look like a watermelon in this fit, but turns out it gets worse. That design is actually full of ant prints!
Not a Vibe!
While the pants may have aimed at being youthful and fun, they are far from it and look plain childish
Forever Fashionistas
There is no denying that the girls are quite literally fashion icons currently!