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BTS Jungkook workout, Diet & Fitness Regime

Apr 29, 2022
What's Special
He became the buzz of the town after it was revealed that he went on a crazy diet & starved himself for 5 days straight before the filming of 'Butter'
The Healthier Diet Method
But. he has another way out too. He eats only three times a day. For Breakfast - omelet, toast or juice, Lunch - Salad & for snacks & Dinner Veggie soup, Salad and Chicken Breast
Jungkook's Cardio routine includes 2-3 hours. Of dance practice everyday. You can also swap dancing with running, biking or doing other engaging exercises.
Strength Routine
20 Push ups and Pike Push ups, 20 squats and Jump Squats, 10 Planks and 20 Mountain Climbers
Strength and Leg Routine
20 Crunches, 20 Leg Raises, 15 Burpees, 20 Superman Planks
Other Workout Regimes
Weight Lifting, Kickboxing, Swimming and Dancing Practice are among his other training routines
What he hates Doing
Jungkook once revealed he hates doing Aerobics as an exercise as he finds it's no fun