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BTS Members Glass Skin Routine

Feb 9, 2022
Glass Skin Regime
If you are in wow with your favorite band member's glowing skin and glossy face here are few secret tips for you
The Maknae of the band believes that using toner & moisturizing cream at night before going to bed helps your skin relax and glow
The oldest member, Jin maintains his worldwide handsome face with sheet masks. He frequently uses it whenever it feels like the skin is lacking moisture or is exposed to sun
Taehyung's biggest concern about his skin is lack of elasticity. And thereby even when he is travelling on plane he uses damped cotton on toner and uses lotion twice as possible
Namjoon in an interview revealed that his favorite brand is Mediheal as it offers a variety of Sheet masks for a long working day
Baby Mochi on the other hand goes for a natural remedy other than using much beauty products. For him, drinking an adequate amount of water every day is key to glowing skin
As for hobi, the sunshine uses a variety of products to keep is skiing hydrated and acne free. His skincare secrets include toner, essence acne care, lotion, cream at night
His morning skincare routine includes toner & a face cream. Hoseok also revealed visiting dermatologist in his free time
Suga said since he is not very attentive towards his skincare, he depends mostly on hydrating masks as it is easy to use & keeps the skin hydrated for a long time