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BTS Proof Concept Photoshoot

May 30, 2022
Kim Taehyung
His visuals are indeed a blessing for our eyes, Taehyung also became the fastest celebrity to cross the 42 million followers milestone in the least time
He is a stunner and probably the most stylish member in the group. The sunshine of ARMY is shining brighter than the sun
The leader of the group and president of ARMY hearts. BTS is going to create history after visiting white house to meet President Joe Biden
World wide handsome Jin, his visuals are no joke. But with him turning 30 this year ARMY are in tension whether or not BTS will be exempted from the military
Min Yoongi's 'That That' look we were talking about. Only he has the power to turn a little meow meow from Daechwita
His duality in no joke. It takes him 2 seconds to turn from shy mochi to the international heartthrob on stage while showing off his chiseled body.
Well, he is everywhere on the internet right now and fans cannot stop talking about his mesmerizing visuals. We cannot agree enough