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Bts songs which are banned for broadcast in south korea

June 10, 2022
Converse High
Because it mentions brands like Converse, Alexander McQueen and Chanel, this song was banned
Cypher Part 3: Killer
Despite being one of the most famous track of all time the usage of unsuitable phrases and, the use of brand names stopped it from broadcasting
Boys with Fun
The song was forbidden for utilizing a Chinese term that translates to did you eat? and sounds pretty similar to a cuss word in Korean
From the album, 'The most beautiful moment in Life Pt, 1' the song was banned due to use of vulgar words
Ma City
It was already on the blacklist before the full version of the song was aired. According to the censor board, the song had a reference to the KIA brand
Run BTS & Born Singer
The new one to join the list is from the upcoming proof anthology 'Run BTS' & Born Singer which didn't pass the board because of usage of vulgar words
For Youth
Yet another song from proof has been kept in consideration over the usage of too many sound effect in the first 30 seconds with no lyrics or voice