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BTS's Suga's BDay: Revisiting some Popular songs written & composed by the Rapper

Mar 9, 2022
BTS's Suga who also goes by the stage name Agust D, produced and wrote a popular song 'Jump' for his seven-member band, BTS, along with Pdogg and Supreme Boi
The Rapper who will turn 29-years-old on March 9, 2022, also wrote one of the most popular songs of BTS called DNA. He reportedly wrote the track with 'Hitman' Bang, Supreme Boi, RM, Pdogg and KASS
Touted to be the song that helped BTS gain more popularity 'Dope' was also written by the talented rapper along with bandmates RM, J-Hope and Gwis Bang Mang, Slow Rabbit, Pdogg as well as 'Hitman' Bang
The rapped left the entire world impressed with his rap track ' Daechwita' with his fiery lyrics and big-budgeted music video
Catapulting the South Korean band to worldwide popularity, the soulful track 'I need you' was also written by Suga. Bandmates RM and J-Hope co-wrote it along with Pdogg, Brother Su and 'Hitman' Bang
'Suga's Interlude' was also produced by the talented rapper along with Halsey, Lido and Pdogg