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Cheapest Countries for International Students

Sep 12, 2022
Living abroad is often expensive. From rent to tuition fees, these expenses add up if you’re seeking an education outside your home country.
These are the World’s Cheapest Countries for International Students
International students benefit from Norway’s policies, too. This is because public universities in the country do not charge tuition fees, regardless of your country of origin. A public education in Norway is free — making it easier for you to budget for other expenses, such as rent. Some of the top public universities in Norway include the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen.
When it comes to the world’s cheapest countries, Taiwan ranks high on the list. Statistics show that the cost of living in Taiwan is approximately 23.24% lower than that in the US, with rent being 68.31% more affordable. The top universities in Taiwan include the National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei Medical University and China Medical University, Taiwan.
Germany is quickly rising the ranks in becoming one of the best destinations for international students. It has one of the best standards of living in the world with a clean environment, low crime rates, cultural attractions, and a well-developed infrastructure. The best part? All public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees at the undergraduate and PhD-level, making it among the world’s cheapest countries for international students. There is a small catch, though: international students from outside the EU will need to get a residence permit before arriving in the country.