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Classic to craft: 12 best beers in India under Rs 200 for your at-home hop collection

June 5, 2022
Corona Extra Premium Beer
One of the most popular brands in the world, Corona draws from a strong Mexican heritage and promises the choicest blend of filtered water, malted barley, corn, and yeast. This particular brew has a pale straw colour when poured and is clear, with a medium white head.
Budweiser Premium
One of the most popular beers in India, this one is a medium-bodied American-style pale lager that’s an indispensable feature across bars and at-home stockpiles. Brewed over 21 nights with the choicest hops and barley, the brand uses a unique ageing technique with beechwood that’s believed to lend a certain smooth quality to the beer.
Bira 91 Malabar Stout
If you enjoy a cup of ‘Joe as much as you do a chilled glass of beer, you’re going to want to stock up on this one. Bira 91 – one of the most popular craft beer brands in the country – uses coffee beans sourced from the Malabar Hills (hence the name) and fuses them with roasted rye and melano malt for this toasty concoction
Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer
This lager is one of the most recommended brews for those just starting out on their beer journey. Carlsberg, a popular brand from Denmark, is known for its diverse, fit-for-every-occasion beer. Brewed with the finest European hops and malt, this one has notes of fruit and spice along with a sharp bitter bite that’s quite palatable. It also pours clear, with a light straw colour, clean aroma, and refreshing flavour.
Tuborg Green Beer
Another easy-drinking beer that is known to be the life of any party, Tuborg Green is a must-try beer for those just starting out on their hop journey. It’s a bottom-fermented lager and is brewed such that it presents a mild, fresh flavour with notes of flowers and grain. Medium rich with a moderate bitterness in the aftertaste, this one pairs well with salads and spicy curries alike.
Heineken Lager Beer
A lager that’s got a deep golden colour, Heineken lager tastes stronger than most mass-produced lagers while being light on the palate and easy to drink. The full-bodied beer has a bitterness that is well rounded yet unmistakable. Not to mention, the finish is crisp and clean. Few things are as refreshing as this brew which could be why it’s also one of the most popular.
White Rhino WIT
Famed to be one of India’s first craft breweries, White Rhino has been leading the beer game for a while now. Their Belgian-style wheat beer is a light and refreshing concoction that fuses Belgian techniques with Indian rolled wheat, curacao orange peel, and fresh, organic coriander seeds from the Himalayas. The payoff is a crisp, easy-to-drink brew that’s also quite aromatic.
Simba Stout
One of the country’s first homegrown craft beer brands, Simba has made a name for itself in the world of boozy brews. Their stout is also believed to be one of the first bottled craft stouts. An ebony-coloured concoction with bold, robust flavours, the stout is creamy, with hints of espresso, caramel, and dark chocolate. If you like your beer toasty, there’s no better brew for you.
Godfather The Legendary Original Strong Beer
If strong beers are your thing, this one won’t disappoint. The brew has a stable head, golden-amber shade and smooth, full-bodied flavour that packs a punch. It’s got a brewing cycle of 25 days and utilises quality hops, malt, and barley. The high-alcohol percentage and strong flavour makes it popular across bars and amidst beer aficionados. It also pairs well with fried food.
Lone Wolf Bev. Strong
This homegrown beer brand is the new kid on the block when it comes to hops and aims at offering quality brews at affordable prices. Naturally, their latest launch is a crowd pleaser. High ABV and a smooth flavour profile, the beer boasts of being low in bitterness, which makes for easy drinking. At the moment, the beer is only available in Delhi-NCR.
Beor360 Wheat Beer
An artisanal craft beer brand, Beor 360 uses the choicest ingredients from across the world. Their wheat beer has notes of clove, coriander, banana, honey, and bread. It also contains chamomile, which adds a subtle floral aroma to the concoction. Orange peel, meanwhile, gives it that citrus tang. Golden, straw-coloured when poured, the brew is full-bodied and balanced, with a round finish. Each sip is smooth, crisp, and reminiscent of a tropical vacation.
BeeYoung Beer
Known for merging quality ingredients to concoct delicious craft brews, Kimaya Himalayan understands what the modern Indian needs. Their BeeYoung beer is reflective of this. Crisp and clean with subtle bitterness and a citrus twang, the beer is great for when you’re just starting out or need something that goes down smooth.