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Colours to wear on Holi as per zodiac sign

Mar 17, 2022
This zodiac sign enjoys playing Holi with their friends and family. Because it is a fire sign, you can wear red on this day. Worship the deity and offer them red colour before playing with colours. This will bestow good fortune and blessings to you. Aside from red, you may also wear yellow and pink.
Venus controls this zodiac sign; therefore, bright colours like pink and saffron are appropriate. However, this Holi, you may also go with light blue and light green colours.
You are born under the water bearer and are controlled by the planet Mercury. Enjoy playing Holi while listening to loud music and spending time with your family. You may use green colours. On this day, you can wear magnificent green clothing.
This is a water sign that is controlled by the Moon. They like socializing with family and friends. They want to use watercolours instead of dry colours when they play Holi. As a result, those born under this zodiac should wear white or silver. On the other hand, Orange is a good choice if you want vibrant colours.
People born under this zodiac sign are one fire sign, ruled by Lord Sun. Perhaps you are already planning your celebration and have started making plans. Because your governing God’s colour is orange, you can use the same colour for this celebration. You can also wear red, copper, or golden clothing in colour.
If you’re a Virgo, you’re a member of the earth sign family. Mercury is your governing planet. It is advised that you avoid the colour red. Instead, experiment and wear green, orange, and light-yellow colours during Holi celebrations.
The Libra sun sign is one of the water signs controlled by Venus. Perhaps you get along well with everyone you encounter. During the Holi festival, you will meet many new people, and to make the most of the day, you can wear violet, purple, pink, or white colours. Wearing one of the colours above will bring you good fortune
The planet Mars rules the people born under this zodiac sign. As a result, Scorpions may wear red and its many tints. We know how much you like celebrating every event with zeal and zeal. We hope that wearing red at the Holi festival will represent your energy and passion. In addition to red, pink, and green are all acceptable options.
This zodiac sign is a fire sign and is ruled by Jupiter. We understand that acclimating to new culture and surroundings is second nature to you. This Holi, the stars aren’t shining brightly for you, so keep away from the crowd. Purple and violet are good colours to wear if you want to be calm and relaxed. Also, if someone persists in playing with you, choose the same colours for the festival.
This zodiac sign belongs to the Earth sign and is controlled by Saturn. These folks like celebrations, particularly Holi. As a result, start your Holi celebrations by smearing black paint over the God Lord Saturn. You can also dress in black to represent your zodiac sign and God. Use grey, brown, or blue colours when playing Holi.
This zodiac sign is one of the air signs and is ruled by Saturn. We realize that you have been dealing with various issues over the last few days and seek methods to start afresh. Holi is the perfect time to meet new people and socialize with them. Wear Green, blue, and violet colours which might make you feel better and appreciate the celebration more.
Pisces is a water sign that Jupiter rules. So they are always on the lookout to celebrating Holi and sharing their happiness and peace among your loved ones. So, choose brilliant and colourful colours such as green, red, indigo, and pink to play holi with your friends and family. You might also wear a similar-coloured outfit.