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Dangerous Mistakes Women make when choosing a life partner

Sep 4, 2022
You take up a project
Many women think they can 'fix' someone. But when you try to fix a person who does not want to be fixed, you have dug your own abyss of lifelong sadness & over expectations
You ignore the red flags
Love is nice but if you have seen some red flags then ignoring them is a dangerous mistake. These flags are warnings!
Tolerating Unacceptable behavior
If before marriage, he did some things that were unacceptable for you, this includes, berating you, creating drama, hitting you, marrying him will be a big mistake
You marry an impractical, unambitious person
Charismatic and Charming men are good for a day or two but marriage requires practicality. Marrying someone with no ambition, too broke, impractical about the future, is a no no!
Desperate to get married
No matter how old you are, desperation makes you take the wrong decision. KJust because you are told, "its time", doesn't mean you ruin your life
You ignore your gut feeling
Women are blessed with a sixth sense and good intuition. If your gut feel is asking you to rethink about this man, listen to it and never ignore
You just see his finances
If you are marrying your "Barry", learn from Rachel in "Friends". Never marry someone just because he is rich. Money is just one facet in a marriage