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Forbes India 2021: The Young Trendsetters You Need To Know About
12 Feb, 2021
Lalit Gautam, (29) Rahul Gundala (26). Co-founders, Sensegrass
In 2017, the duo founded Sensegrass, a soil intelligence platform for the excessive reduction of nitrogen and fertilizers. This real-time soil monitoring system has enabled farmers to reduce fertilizer and energy use while improving crop yields, growth, sustainability following an increasing farm income. Sensegrass is being used in 8 countries.
Moonis Ahmad Shah (28), Artist
He is an artist born in Srinagar who through his multidisciplinary approach in his artworks inquire about the premise, content, and form of institutional history as well as the archive’s constitution, parameters, and materiality by using classical materials ranging from text, mass media, films, historical documents, alongside the novel technologies, programming languages.
Licypriya Kangujam (9), Climate Activist
From the age of six, she has been fighting climate change. She addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Conference in Madrid, 2019. She spoke in conferences and events in over 32 countries, delivered her first-ever speech at the Asia Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in June 2018.
Sameer Ramesh, CPO (25), Fatema Hussain, CDO (27), Mohammed Zeeshan, CEO (27), Ruhan Naqash, CMO (26). Co-founders, MyCaptain
Pioneered by Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Madni Naqash, and Fatema Hussain, this E-Learning platform has paved the way for the youngsters to pursue careers in stand-up comedy, photography, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, and more.
Nihal Sarin (16), Chess Grandmaster
Earning the “Grandmaster” title at 14, this chess prodigy has had an excellent roster of achievements in 2020 with a gold each at the Chess Olympiad and the U-18 world youth chess championship, and a silver at the Asian team championship.
Sahithi Divi (29), Co-founder, ImpactScientist
Divi, the brain behind the social enterprise “ImpactScientist”, started a platform in 2019 for rural innovation to financially empower weavers and the skilled women artisans to enhance and pave the way for women-led enterprise as well as rural tourism.
Sejal Kumar (25), YouTuber
With over 1.3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, Sejal is also the co-founder of ‘Maitri’, a Youtube channel founded with her gynecologist mother. This fashion and lifestyle YouTuber has acted on a Netflix series “Engineering Girls”. She has also collaborated with the YouTube Creators for Change with Michelle Obama and released a music video in 2019, titled “Aisi Hun”.
Varun Aggarwal (29) Co-founder, Designhill
Started six years ago by the Gurugram-based Aggarwal brothers, Varun and Rahul, Designhill is a global platform that provides high-quality designs from professional designers created by independent artists worldwide catering to the creative needs of corporations and individuals. This online creative marketplace has over a million clients, including BBC, Deloitte, and Microsoft, from over 72 countries.
Ishaan Khatter (25) Actor
With Majid Majidi’s 2017 “Beyond the Clouds”, Khatter made his acting debut in the Bollywood industry. He starred in Shashank Khaitan’s “Dhadak” the following year. Last year, he garnered appreciation for his role as‘Maan Kapoor’ in Mira Nair’s Netflix adaptation of Vikram Seth’s novel “A Suitable Boy”.
Ashita Singhal (25), Founder, Paiwand Studio
Launched in 2018, the Paiwand Studio is a unique upcycling textile studio by Ashita Singhal, where the textile wastes are upcycled and are developed into high-quality fabrics for apparel and home furnishing through handloom weaving, patchwork, and embroidery.
Mitali Tandon (29), Founder, Morning Fresh
An accidental discovery of a silk protein—that reactivates the Antidiuretic hormone (ADH), a naturally-occurring liver enzyme, which prevents hangovers led Mitali Tandon to develop Morning Fresh, detox drinks that protects the liver, flushes out toxins, and reduces hangovers after a night out.
Siddhartha Belmannu (25), Singer
The Karkala-born playback singer Siddhartha Belmann known for fusing jazz concepts with Indian music has recorded over 55 Kannada films with 403k streams on Spotify. He is also a member of a foursome contemporary fusion band ‘Anireekshita’ and even collaborated with Grammy-winning composer Ricky Kej for his live concerts and projects.
Harsh Kedia (23), Founder, A Diabetic Chef
This Mumbai-based innovator evolved his passion for making sweet dishes for diabetic patients into a business model and is a celebrated diabetic chef.
Rajesh Thangavel (27), Co-Founder & CEO, Aerobiosys Innovation Private limited
This health care start-up incubated at IIT Hyderabad at the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship aims to solve the unmet health care needs of patients with respiratory illness by developing innovative products that enable them to access quality healthcare at an affordable cost.
Dheer Momaya (29), Founder, Jugaad Motion Pictures
This media and production company founded in 2018 by Dheer Momaya has been producing feature films, music videos, TV commercials, and drama series. Along with it, the company has also developed and produced commercials for brands like Jio, Levi’s, Volkswagen, Xiaomi, Bacardi, and Netflix. Their video for Prateek Kuhad’s song “cold/mess” received ‘The Best Music Video of the Year’ by Rolling Stone and also won a Radio City Freedom Award for Best Video.