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From Jimin to Jungkook: Net worth of K-Pop Band BTS members

Feb 28, 2022
J-Hope ($26 million)
J-Hope is not just the key member but also the highest-earning member of the band. Courtesy of his 2018’s mixtape “Hope World”. He is the first member to have a solo Hot 100 hit with the song Chicken Noodle Soup. The estimated net worth of J-Hope is $26 million
Suga ($25 Million)
With more than 70 songs under his credit list outside BTS, Suga AKA Min Yoon-Gi is undoubtedly a hit machine. He has produced numerous songs alongside his side project Agust D including Halsey's, "Boy With Luv." His estimated worth is $23-25 million.
RM ($22 million)
Being one of the youngest members of the Korea Music Copyright Association, RM AKA Kim Nam-Joon has more than 130 songs under his credit list. He is one of the key voices behind BTS’s chartbuster song butter. At such a young age he has managed to take his net worth to $22 Million.
Jimin ($20 million)
Jimin is not a musician he is an icon. One of the main singers, songwriters, and dancers of the band, Jimin is a proud member of 100 Brand Reputation Rankings. He also owns one of the most expensive apartments in South Korea at the “Nine One Hannam” apartment complex. His estimated worth is around $20 million.
Jungkook ($20 million)
The popularity of the whole BTS band is aside and the popularity of Jungkook is aside. Known as the name of golden maknae, Jungkook is the youngest member of the band at age of 23. The net worth of the K-pop icon and internet sensation is $20 million.
V ($19 million)
V is the second youngest BTS member. V decided to branch into acting by starring in a Korean drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in 2016. He is expected to drop his solo mixtape anytime now. His estimated worth is approximately $19 million.
Jin ($18 million)
Jin is the oldest member of the group. He is also the most business-savvy out of all of them. Jin started a Japanese restaurant in 2018 with his brother worth $1.9 million. His estimated net worth is around $18 million.