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From Jungkook's Purple Hair To Jin's Apple Ponytail, BTS' Most Unique Hairstyles So Far

Dec 12, 2021
Jin stole the show at BTS's LA concert on November 27, 2021. The singer appeared in an apple hairstyle with a red ribbon and a white rose on it. The ARMY could not help but adore him throughout the concert
On the second day of the concert, Jin was back with another cute hairstyle. This time the band member made two pigtails with red hairclips.
Jungkook's iconic purple hair from BTS's 'Butter' photoshoot stole the hearts of the ARMY. He looked uber cool in those long hair and made his fans drool over him.
BTS member Suga has tried almost every hair color, from rose Pink to Grey. The singer has aced every hairstyle and is often seen experimenting with his hair.
BTS leader RM is also fond of trying different hair colours. The rapper has sported various shades, including blue and grey. However, his red and pink hair won hearts on the internet.
J-Hope went for dual color hair for the band's concept shoot for their single 'Butter'. J-Hope had yellow color on the roots and pink tint on the tips of his hair.