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Giant Animals That Actually Exist

Oct 27, 2022
The Big Bunnies of the World
Cute and fluffy, bunnies are one cherished species of animal. Unlike other cute little bunnies, Darius has gone down in history as the longest bunny. With a body measuring about 4 and a half feet in length, Darius is housed in a dog crate.
Giant Mekong Catfish
This is an endangered species of aquatic life with a size that surpasses the norm. On the 25th of May, 2005, a group of fishermen in Thailand caught the Giant Mekong Catfish. About 9 ft long and weighing close to 650 pounds, it became the largest fish on record.
Oklahoma Donkey
In 2012, a four-year-old donkey was named the tallest at that time. Oklahoma Sam was one of the numerous animals reared somewhere in California alongside other pets like cats, ducks, geese, and macaws. Linda, who keeps these animals, mentions that no special care was given to the donkey to get her to the huge height of 15.3 hands. Yet her height supersedes that of common donkeys.
The Large Jellyfish
This large jellyfish was discovered in 2019 by an underwater cameraman and a biologist carrying out an exercise for fundraising purposes. The size caught the attention of both divers and a picture was taken and posted to social media.
Maine Coon Cat
The Maine Coon Cat is an old breed of cat common in North America. For domesticated cats, it’s the largest breed in the world with a height of 16 inches and weighs between 13 to 18 pounds. Depending on the gender, the size and weight may be a bit different with the female usually smaller.
At 110 feet, the Oarfish is named the longest bony fish. This type of aquatic life can weigh up to 600 pounds or more. The captivating thing about the fish is the size. When it comes out to the open, it gets mistaken with other types of large-bodied aquatic lives.
The 10-Foot Vulture
Vultures are naturally bigger than most birds and are known to be fearsome. Now, imagine a 10 feet wingspan vulture weighing 31 pounds; simply huge. Found in Europe and Asia, this type of vulture is one of the heaviest flying animals in the world.
Shark Eater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile inspires awe with a weight that amounts to 1000 pounds or 2000 for some. The particular giant saltwater crocodile in question is named Brutus. Brutus, the male saltwater crocodile is 18 feet and made news sometimes in 2011 after feeding on a kangaroo.
Spider Crab
Spider Crab? The name incites curiosity– what does a spider crab look like? Huge and long! The Japanese Spider Crab has the biggest features among other arthropods.
Percheron Stallion
Moose (ironically named) is a huge horse with many accolades after winning a series of competitions in the United States, and Canada. With a height far from the usual, this North American animal possesses an increased body size similar to that of a bull.