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Hair Secrets of K-Pop Idols

Mar 31, 2022
Secret Hair Hacks of K-Pop Idols
We bring to you some secret hair hacks of K-Pop Idols
Jessica Jungs kimchi salad
Jessica gorges on Kimchi salad, which is rich in selenium that makes hair naturally strong and shiny
Kim Yu Jin or Uee
Kim swears by Moroccan oil massage for keeping her hair bouncy and soft
CL's Hair Mask
CL uses rice water hair mask for lustrous hair
Yoon Eun Hye
Yoon washed her hair with water and oil mixture on and off to avoid any dryness and maintain the shine of the hair
Lisa's Hair Serum
BLACKPINK's Lisa keeps a hair serum by her bedside so that she never forgets to use it
Hye Kyo's cool Hair Dryer
Kyo only uses the hair dryer on cool hair mode as hot air depletes that hair of its natural oils.